Senior Project Manager

Working Location

Hong Kong
Responsibility Summary
To coordinate all issues of responsible projects in views of finishing the project to proprietor or main contractor
·   To contact and attend any external meeting
·   To hold internal project construction meetings and required sub-contractor meetings, approving written records
·   To organize the project progress plan and control the overall project
·   To contact the proprietor on behalf of the company and solve construction contract and technical problems, performing responsibilities of contract with proprietor and sub-contractor
·   To coordinate every step in project design, procurement, production and installation so as to organize progress plan, design plan, procurement plan and contractor plan, etc., directing the whole project to the plan
·   To supervise project team members to perform daily tasks, including distribution of drawings, documents and information, but not limited to signing and issuing, keeping and processing them in a daily basis
·   To cooperate with the site manager to organize the measures of budget plan, analysis, forecast and control, performing comprehensive project target
·   To organize compansation in construction and guide surveyors to perform compansation tasks
·   Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Building is preferred
·   Min. 10-14 years relevant working experience
·   Min. 8 years working experience in curtain wall project management
·   Good command in Chinese, English and Mandarin
·   Familiar in Microsoft Office applications and Chinese word processing
Working Relationship
·   Internal – All departments
·   External – Proprietor, Architect, Main contractor, Sub-contractor, Consultant, Surveyor

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